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DPTU Cobra MONITORING Kumanovo was registered on 30.12.1999 with main office at street Oktomvriska Revolucija 26/3 in Kumanovo. The company’s main activity is investigation and security with code activity 74.60. The Company started working on 12.02.2003.Considering the Law on Protection of Persons and Property ("Official Gazette of RM" No. 80/99) the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia issued a working permit No. 17-18131/1 28.07.2003 which entitled legal entity  KOBRA  Kumanovo with providing people and property with security services.

      Cobra Security Agency performs its professional services within the Act of Security and other positive legal regulations as well as within its own internal regulations and rules of procedure. Cobra Security Agency offers real professionalism.

      Special attention is paid to the selection of employees, i.e. their high professionalism (strictly defined psychophysical and moral norms). Each employee is proud that belongs to our team. All employees have security licenses and official identity cards for the security of persons and property and are equipped with vehicles and radio stations which ensure constant contact with co-workers on the ground.

       Cobra Security Agency has developed into a modern and successful company. Foundation of our work is offering security services in terms of meeting the intended contract (agreed upon), regardless of political and religious background of the client, his /her profession and other elements of his /her personal life. Key features of Cobra Security Agency are preventive security and non violent problem solving. Cobra Security’s managers follow on a daily basis the latest world achievements in the field of technology. Cobra Security Agency is not politically determined and co-operates with all potential clients who require high quality and professional security.

       The Agency is in constant communication with its clients and service users. Our responsibility while performing our tasks and knowing that the customers are satisfied with our service affects our cooperation from the outset to overcome the classical relation client-agency. The statement” We are always here for you, just call”, in our case is not an empty, meaningless phrase, but a statement that commits to be with you. The services we offer are designed by your needs, high standards and criteria.

The Agency for securing people and property “Cobra” is your reliable partner in providing the following services:

  • Your personal protection (Body guard);
  • Physical (guard or operational-information) security;
  • 24 h technical (monitoring) security with our own monitoring center in combination with mobile patrol security and intervention in the event of an alarm condition;
  • Transport of money and shipments of value;
  •  Providing security services at concerts, entertainment manifestations, celebrations, private parties etc.
  • Sales and installation of electronic systems for video surveillance, fire alarm systems and anti-burglary systems like BOSCH,SATEL, PARADOX, DSC.


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Address:  Oktomvriska Revolucija 26/3 
Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia

Phone.:  031 413 409 / 520 258
Fax:  031 413 409
Email:  contact@kobrasecurity.com.mk